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About Proactive Talent

Launched in 2015, Proactive Talent is a modern talent strategy consulting and staffing company based out of the Austin, TX area. We're a coalition of freelance Recruiting and Talent Brand practitioners. As former Talent Acquisition and Talent Branding leaders, every one of us has been in the position of our clients and we work with our clients as an extension of their team, in order to help them attract and hire the best talent. Our ability to scale and partner closely with our clients is what really sets us apart from competitors. With a very holistic approach, our goal is to help clients build a modern recruiting strategy and empower them to become self-sufficient in the long run.

We specialize in everything recruiting, from Employer Branding, Recruiting Optimization, OnDemand Recruiting™ to Training and Advisory. Our clients include enterprise companies like GE Digital, Vanguard, Motel6, GoDaddy, and as well as fast-growing startups like Anaplan, Earnest, and MyVR. 


Mission Statement & Philosophy:

Our mission is to help companies evolve the way they recruit. Using the right technology, process, and messaging aligned with their goals and shared values, our clients are armed with the tools they need to effectively attract and hire the right culture-fit talent.


Proactive Talent Culture:

Our culture is built around the foundational belief that our company is a community (aka the “Proactive Talent Tribe”) and that no one individual is greater than the whole. We are fierce advocates for our clients but even more so to our integrity and quality of our work. Our core values include Do What’s Right (by our colleagues, partners, and customers), Accountability (we are accountable to the team and our results for clients), Autonomy (the ability to own your own career path), Show Your Work (walk the talk and help uplift the industry as a whole through sharing the work we do), and Kaizen (continuous improvement).


Our Values:

-       Do What’s Right

-       Accountability

-       Autonomy

-       Show your Work

-       Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)


A Great Client:

A great client for us is one that sees us as a valuable extension of their team, is responsive and engaged in our projects, and truly believes that investing in their people and telling their authentic employee experience story is one of the most effective ways to be a profitable and successful company. These clients believe this and have buy-in from the top down. 

A Not Great Client:

Companies that in reality don’t invest in their people and culture. We do not put lipstick on pigs. We help great companies with great cultures who care about their employees share their story with the world. Also, companies that treat us as taskmasters and order takers rather than true strategic partners or clients who treat our employees unprofessionally can be subject to having their projects canceled.

Proactive Talent success is measured by:

Simply, we are measured by results. We use a data-driven approach and success metrics are established at the beginning of engagements and measure throughout and even after the engagement is over.

Proactive Talent HQ

90% of our team is remote and we like that. For those of us in the Austin area, though, we've created a great space. Like we do with recruiting strategies, we designed this office from the ground up.

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